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Cockpit Wallpaper High Definition – Free Download!

Cockpit Wallpaper High Definition – Free Download!

Post Series: Aircraft Wallpapers

Hello dear readers. After having uploaded quite a few aircraft wallpaper for smartphones, I now think it is time to continue with a nice collection of my cockpit wallpaper for you. During my business trips for my airline, I was often able to occupy one of the observer seats on the flight deck. This was an awesome opportunity to take tons of photos of the Airbus A319 and A320 cockpit. After having uploaded some of them on my Instagram account @pilotstories, many of my followers approached me with the question, if I could supply one or the other picture as a desktop wallpaper. Well. Of course, I can! 🙂

Feel free to add a bookmark to this page. Also, you can subscribe to my newsletter. It is worth it since I will regularly add a new cockpit wallpaper to this page. To download the wallpapers, just click on the images or links below. By downloading my pictures you confirm that you shall use my images for any other purpose than as a wallpaper for your personal computer.

Cockpit Wallpaper Airbus A319/A320 Full-HD

The following images have been taken by me on several flights between Munich airport (EDDM/MUC) and Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN/EDDK). The light was very moody that day. That is why I was able to create some nice cockpit wallpapers for your desktop. I took the first cockpit wallpaper on runway 26R at Munich Airport. We were speeding up towards our V1 speed of 119 knots. This is rather low, since we were not quite heavy that day with just 4.8 tonnes of fuel on board for the short trip to Cologne
Cockpit wallpaper Airbus A319 take-off munich

After just under an hour of time, it was time for a short break, because we reached our destination. I used the time during the turnaround to take some snapshots of our Airbus A319 flight deck. Feel free to download my cockpit wallpaper showing the plane’s so-called overhead panel.

Cockpit wallpaper Airbus A320 showing the overhead panel

After some 40 minutes, it was time to fly back to Munich. After our take-off, we elegantly banked to the right. The sunset resulted in an amazingly moody light and lovely colours. With just about 4.7 tonnes of fuel for our return trip, we were very light, again. That is why we reached our cruising altitude amazingly fast.

Sunset cockpit wallpaper Airbus A320

My Complete List of Cockpit Wallpapers – High Resolution!

Below you can find a list of the flight deck wallpapers that I have uploaded so far. Enjoy! If you have any request for future wallpapers, feel free to contact me via Just click on the link to download the pictures. If you like my work, please share the link with your avgeek friends.

More Aircraft and Cockpit Full-HD Wallpapers for the iPhone, Android and Other Phones!

I hope that all of you like my wallpapers. But that’s not all, because all also provide free aircraft and flight deck wallpapers for your smartphones, too. Feel free to browse my current collection. If you want to find out more about the aviation system, my aviation knowledge section is the best way to do so, because I have released several articles on how things work in aviation. You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram.


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    I would like to download your picture with out the small text cauz i would like to print it onto a a frame for my personnal collection. Let me know if it possible…thanks !

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